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sonic pinwheel

Sonic Pinwheel

A shared, musical installation of browser pinwheel instruments. An interactive and distributed symphony of wind and sound.


WebChucK IDE

A web-based integrated development environment for ChucK. Run ChucK on-the-fly in any web browser, desktop or mobile device! An educational, audiovisual, and playful way to program computer music.



Extract environmental sonic features for real-time ambient soundscape generation with concatenative synthesis. Built with WebChucK and ChAI.

Slide Whistlinator

A 3D printed, embedded DSP, motorized slide whistle for the most serious of slide whistlers

Chrome Tree Karaoke Gameplay

Chroma Tree Karaoke

Interactive audiovisual environment for singing Christmas carols with auto-harmonizing pitch tracking Chroma trees! It's time to light up the winter forest with some karaoke and song!

8-Step Sequence Loop alongside ECA Rule 110

Terryng Automata

Co-creative audiovisual beat sequencer combining Turing Machine Eurorack and Elementary Cellular Automata...Terryng Automata for short.

skrrt skirt game menu

Skrrt Skirt

An online 3D racing party game featuring glamorous cars, makeup pitstops, and fierce competition.

fouro project


iOS/Android application to share virtual hugs with friends and feel close and connected to others.