Chroma Tree Karaoke - Interactive Christmas Carols!

Generative Auto-harmonizing Chroma Christmas Trees · 2022

It's time to sing some holiday tunes! Chroma Tree Karaoke is an environment to sing to your heart's content! A glowing forest of Pitch Tracking Chroma Christmas Trees will harmonize and accompany you! All you need to do is SING! Sing with jubilee, light up the forest, and make everyone dance with your song!


(Mac) You may need to open "Security & Privacy" in Settings to allow it to run
* This version is 2560x1440, intended for notched displays (14" and 16" Macbooks)

how to use:

Just sing! To avoid feedback, headphones are recommended!

  • [space] toggle between harmonization rules
  • [m] mute
  • [p] toggle pro mode
  • [1][2][3] select pro chord (C, F, G)
  • [~] clear chord


Chroma Tree Karaoke is written in Chunity (ChucK + Unity), a powerful audio engine with many features (still under development). The game may crash occasionally, but a restart should fix everything! If you're experiencing any other issues, if a tree is cut off, let me know! Special thanks to Ge Wang, Julia Mills, and the Music 256A class for making this possible!

Share this with a friend, sing with your friends, make some music and have fun! Record and share if you dare but go and spread some holiday cheer! Merry Christmas!

- terry feng

Chrome Tree Karaoke Gameplay