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Team Care and Friendship Everyday (CAFE) · 2020

Fouro is an iOS/Android application that allows you to share virtual hugs with friends and feel close and connected to others. Fouro will help remind you to reach out to friends you haven't connected with in a while as well as serve as a platform to share and store memories together. Send and receive hugs with friends and stay socially connected to loved ones around you!

Developed in React Native with Firebase and ExpressJs, our project team of eleven were inspired by a quote from psychologist Virginia Satir saying: "We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth." During a time of physical distancing, how can we hug our loved ones that may be far away? What do meaningful online social interactions look like? In ten weeks, our team of eleven created Fouro, a social media platform for sharing Hugs with friends and family. I served as the Backend Team Lead, designed our database schema, and guided backend development and fullstack integration. This project was creating in UCSD CSE 110.

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Team Care and Friendship Everyday (CAFE):
Alana Klopstein - Project Manager
Alex Chow - Software Dev Lead
Eman Sherif - Software Architect
Evan Serrano - Business Analyst
Evan Suong - Frontend Team Lead, UI Specialist
Rickesh Khilnani - Senior System Analyst
Terry Feng - Backend Team Lead, DB Specialist
Tyus Liu - Software Dev Lead
Vicki Chen - Quality Assurance Lead
Vivian Tang - Quality Assurance Lead
Vuk Radovanovic - Algorithm Specialist