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WebChucK IDE: A Web-Based Programming Sandbox for ChucK

WebChucK IDE is a web-based integrated development environment for writing and running ChucK code. WebChucK IDE provides tools and workflows for developing and running ChucK on-the-fly and in any web browser, on desktop and mobile devices. This environment integrates ChucK development with visualization and code-based generative web UI elements to offer an accessible and playful way to program computer music.

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T. Feng, C. Betancur, M. Mulshine, C. Chafe, and G. Wang, "WebChucK IDE: A Web-Based Programming Sandbox for ChucK," in Sound and Music Computing, 2023.

WebChucK: Computer Music Programming on the Web

WebChucK is ChucK—a strongly-timed computer music programming language—running on the web. Recent advancements in browser technology (including WebAssembly and the Web Audio API’s AudioWorklet interface) have enabled languages written in C/C++ (like ChucK) to run in web browsers with near-native performance. WebChucK has been adopted as the programming platform in an introductory computer music course at Stanford University. By running in any browser, WebChucK broadens and simplifies access to computer music programming, opening the door for new users and creative workflows.

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M. Mulshine, G. Wang, J. Atherton, C. Chafe, T. Feng, and C. Betancur, “WebChucK: Computer Music Programming on the Web,” in New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 2023.
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