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miniature compositions, arranged inspirations, musical expressions, and fleeting thoughts.

arranging my auditory world through traditional and non-traditional means.

each sketch imagined and realized in a single day

page 1: piano improvisation. musings and thoughts in free time signature - 4/8/21

page 2: excerpt from rachmaninoff's piano concerto no. 2 mvmt 2 for 2 pianos. overdub experimentation in ableton using a steinway model d grand vst - 4/10/21

page 3: a music cover and reconstruction of bibingka by ben&ben. original cover by noah raquel - 4/14/2021

page 4: algorithmic composition using sha-256 with input string of "page 4". more composition and algorithm details at my hackmd - 4/15/2023

page 5: inspired by seemingly mundane yet virtuosic hanon piano technique exercises. a play on motive, sequence, and harmony—discovering beauty in repetition - 4/23/2021

page 6: exploring sampling and re-synthesis using only field recordings of birds tweets and dog barks from around my neighborhood - 5/1/2021

page 7: a musical prompt submitted for my symphonic student association tuesday takeover. a musical interpretation and realization of "a blade of grass in the wind". page 7 uses a fundamental pitch of 'g' on the piano for grass and it is blown by the 'wind' section, causing the g to become unstable and change in pitch - 6/13/2021

page 8: exploring imaginative soundtrack and sonic world building using afrocuban rhythms and specific instrumentation to create an underwater festival - 6/28/2021

page 9: soundtrack inspired by the tokyo 202ONE olympics: to create a music that brings together the world in solidarity and camraderie. inspiration from hans zimmer's orchestration of john lennon's imagine at the tokyo 2020 opening ceremony - 7/31/2021

page 10: a pop finale that brings together all these sketches of expressive technique, artistic philosophy, and digital music production - 9/22/2021

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release date
September 21, 2021